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Roadside constables asking to join Public Security Ministry, help fight illegal weapon transport


The brotherhood of constables that man Quebec roadsides is offering its services to help fight the transport of illegal weapons in the province by giving their members the power to search vehicles.

They don’t transport guns by bike after all, the FCCRQ (Fraternité des constables du contrôle routier du Québec) says.

In an open letter to mayors of Quebec’s 10 largest cities, the brotherhood along with the Quebec Public Service Alliance (AFPC-Quebec) suggests that its 300 road control constables be integrated into the Ministry of Public Security instead of the Ministry of Transport, where they currently work out of.


Second, we need to be given the tools to better fight crime,” reads the letter signed by FCCRQ president Eric Labonte. “It is important to note that we already have the mandate to prevent and suppress crime, but we do not have the tools to do so. We even have the power to open loading spaces without a warrant, a power that police officers do not have.”

Labonte says in the letter that requests to Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault and Transport Minister Francois Bonnardel have not been successful.

“They prefer to leave us under the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, the same ministry that must constantly fight against industry pressure for legislative relief. Under such conditions, how can we effectively carry out our work and fulfill our mandates?” said Labonte, who said his members are ready to help fight illegal weapons transport.

“Let’s be clear, illegal weapons do not travel through our cities by bicycle,” he wrote. “You must admit that with a little political will, our contribution to the fight against illegal weapons would be very concrete.”